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2006: UFO's Over Anglesey

In this post I will be sharing some, until now, unreleased UFO videos, recorded by a friend of mine back in the summer of 2006. I have shown the raw footage to a lot of people throughout the years, being met with with mixed reactions. I have also tried (sporadically) to get a qualified opinion on the footage, by emailing different people in the field of ufology, asking if they were interested in taking a look at it, but nothing ever really developed from it.

In my opinion the footage is significant. But i realized a while back that it needed some editing and commentary to go along with it, in order to properly point out the finer details. Indeed, it is only after several viewings, and conversations with my friend who recorded the video, that I myself have been able to somewhat sort out what is going on. Also, I didn't want to simply post one long video with some ridiculously short commentary (as is the case with most UFO videos floating around), but also explain the proper context of the sighting - the area where the video was taken, how it looks in daylight, etc. Now that i have my own blog, this became a much easier task.

To create a better overview I have split the main video up into several smaller clips, and addressed them individually throughout the post. This particular video/sighting ties into an experience I had myself, only weeks before, in exactly the same location, of much the same type of phenomenon. The experience was, incidentally, also what sparked my serious interest in UFO's.

UPDATE: You can now read about my own experience in the June 2014 issue of Phenomena magazine.


Background and context

The video was recorded in early August, 2006, on the isle of Anglesey in Northern Wales. More specifically it was taken from a campsite in the town of Moelfre. The campsite (Nant Bychan Caravan/Camping Site) can be found loking here, and the green arrow marked on the picture below is zoomed in on where exactly my friend was standing when he was recording (facing towards the sea). 

Correlating the placement of the UFO's in the video with a local map it would seem that, following a birds eye view, the nearest point of land is in the range from Barrow-in-Furness to Blackpool. That piece of land is several miles away, across the sea, though, whereas the objects/lights in the video appear to not be that terribly far off-coast.

It should also be noted that the campsite slopes down several meters towards the beach, so he was filming from a relatively high vantage point. This can be seen in the below pictures, which show the range of vision (left to right)  in daylight, from the point where the video was taken. This is useful when trying to get an impression of what is going on in the video.

1. Left side of the camping area

2. Middle part of the camping area

3. Right side of the camping area

Videos and commentary

The first two clips are shot almost straight ahead, to the right of the small island - which is actually a bird sanctuary ( you can actually hear the birds if you listen closely) - seen on picture 2. In the video the swaying movement, and the shifting between almost complete standstill and motion, are both clearly noticeable. At the end of par 2, you can get a better impression of the coastline, as my friend pans the camera further to the left side of the camping area (seen in daylight on picture 1)

In the above clip, a second light/object appears further to the left, until it is in alignment with the other one. An important thing to notice, is the reflection in the water. You will notice throughout the videos how the distance between light/object and the surface of the water changes. Compare it to the daylight photos of the coastline, and its clear that they must be some distance away from the coast (and also of some size)

In part 4, we can see the light closest to the water surface, with a smaller red light, apparently attached to it. In part 5 the light has moved to a higher altitude. It now appears to be "detaching" the light (probe?), which in turn changes its color and shape. At one point it looks almost as if it becomes the same shape as the "mother" object. Other smaller lights appear around it in no apparent order.

In part 6 we see even more swaying motion, from the object furthest to the right - far above the water surface. Considering also how far it appears to be away, from the coast, these are some very impressive moves. In part 7, we see the movements continuing, but this time the light/object has moved to a position almost directly above the lower light. Some sort of communication seems to be taking place between the two. At the end of part 7, we see another light being "shot off".

The light activity continues in part 8. Lights of different color seem to be fading in and out, having a life of their own. At certain points they become the same shape as the main light/object, and around 00.40 one of them even appears larger. Towards the end of the clip, the smaller lights almost appear to be playing with each other.

This clip is where it really takes off, moving with pretty impressive speed. The smaller lights seem a lot more artificial now, almost like on an airplane. At the same time, the green light becomes more prominent, and towards the end of the clip it looked as if it was making its way towards the coast. This frightened my friend to the point where he simply stopped filming and went inside his tent, which you can hear on the video.


So...what to make of this? I've thought a lot about it, and my speculations have gone from ET spacecrafts on a local mission, to terrestrial aircraft/ helicopters on a training exercise, to some kind of natural phenomenon akin to "earth lights" or ball lightning. As unlikely as the latter suggestion may seem, there are in fact a lot of cases on record of (as yet unexplained) huge balls of light, behaving in a way that seem intentional, but which don't appear to resemble any form of technology - man-made or otherwise (see f.x. William Corliss' catalogs and handbooks of geological and meteorological anomalies). But even though there are many things that indicate that we are dealing some kind of natural anomaly, there are also lot of that point to the opposite. Actually, a mix between the two somewhat makes the most sense to me. How that is possible i don't know, but interesting it is.

I would be very happy to get some suggestions from readers on this, so please drop some comments. Also, please point out any errors or things i might otherwise have overlooked.

Merry X-mas

- V 

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